Top 10 Benefits of Plastic Pallets

1. Color Customization

Pallets look great in all colors, from red and blue to black and white. Leave a better impression on your buyers with colored, or even logoed, custom pallets.

2. Dust and Mold Free

A plastic pallet cannot become contaminated because there are no holes, cracks, or crevices in the plastic. Whereas, wood pallets can easily become dusty and mold-infested.

3. Easy to Clean

Plastic pallets are the easiest to clean because they are completely waterproof, making them easy to be cleaned by hand or machine. They cannot soak in moisture or harmful acids. Any method, whether its steam cleaned or chemically sanitized will result in a properly hygienic pallet (unless it’s a two-piece pallet design).

4. Environmentally Friendly

Plastic pallets are recyclable, which is great for the environment. A plastic pallet already has a longer lifespan, and then can be transformed into a new plastic product at the end of its life as a pallet.

5. Free from Regulations

No heat treatment stress, exempt from all ISPM No.15 hassles. Therefore, no interruptions in the delivery processes due to pallet regulations.

6. Investment for your Business

The average lifespan for a plastic pallet is ten years, whereas the lifespan for a wooden pallet is up to ten times less. Although the individual cost of a wooden pallet is cheaper than a plastic pallet, the return your business will get on a plastic pallet is much higher.

7. Lightweight = Cost-Effective

Plastic pallets are approximately 30% lighter than wooden pallets, which reduces the cost of shipping.

8. Safer Material Handling

No sharp splinters, nails, or edges means less injury, a safer work environment, and greatly reduces product damage or contamination.

9. Smooth Surfaces

As mentioned, plastic pallets do not contain cracks or crevices. Because of the smooth surfaces, plastic pallets are the best option for hygienic areas and clean rooms.

10. Size and Strength Reliability

Since plastic pallets are molded by extreme pressure machines, they can hold an extreme amount of weight. Not only that, but they ensure consistent dimensional accuracy and loading capacities.