RCK 150

Part Number: 5503150

RCK 150

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40 x 48 x 6 in

Weight 42 lbs

4-Way Entry



Dynamic Capacity

4000 lbs

Static Capacity

30000 lbs

Supported Racking Capacity

4000 lbs

Selective Racking Capacity

1120 lbs

Edge Racking Capacity

1400 lbs

Product Description

This Pallet is Perfect for These Industries:

The RCK 150 is a food and pharmaceutical grade black pallet made from a high-density polyethylene plastic. It is a one-piece model that saves on cost by not only being washable and reusable, but it is also rackable and stackable. The consistently accurate dimensions measure the pallet to be 40” x 48” x 6” and it weighs 42 lbs. The RCK 150 holds a dynamic capacity of 4,000 lbs, a static capacity of 30,000 lbs, and a racking capacity of 1,400 lbs. It has a ventilated top deck and a cruciform bottom deck that allows this model to stack 16 pallets high. Because this is a pharmaceutical grade pallet, it will not absorb any solvents, acids, bacteria, fat, or water.

Special Features