EXP 449 Plastic Export Pallet
EXP 449 Plastic Export Pallet

EXP 450 Plastic Pallet

Part Number: 5701450

EXP 450 Plastic Pallet

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48 x 48 x 6.4 in

Weight 38.5 lbs

4-Way Entry



Dynamic Capacity

5300 lbs

Static Capacity

17600 lbs

Product Description

This Pallet is Perfect for These Industries:

The EXP 450 is a cost-effective, one-way destination export pallet that is perfect for airfreight travel of food and pharmaceuticals. This model saves money and space by stacking 17 pallets high and being low in height, weight, and cost. This 4-way entry design, made from black PE/PP plastics, has a ventilated top deck and a cruciform bottom deck. The dimensions of the pallet consistently read 48” x 48” x 6.4” and it weighs exactly 38.5 lbs. This design will hold a dynamic capacity of 5,300 lbs and a remarkable static capacity of 17,600 lbs. For being a disposable pallet, feel free to enjoy a sturdy model that will not grow bacteria, or absorb water, acids, fats, solvents, or odors. The EXP 450 is also exempt from shipping regulations such as ISPM 15 and ISPM-A5.

Special Features