EXP448 Plastic Export Pallet
EXP448 Plastic Export PalletEXP448 Plastic Export PalletEXP448 Plastic Export Pallet

EXP 448

Part Number: 5701448

EXP 448

Items Sold: 36



48 x 48 x 5.5 in

Weight 27.5 lbs

4-Way Entry



Dynamic Capacity

3300 lbs

Static Capacity

8800 lbs

Product Description

This Pallet is Perfect for These Industries:

The EXP 448 is a one-way destination export pallet that is perfect for airfreight travel of food and pharmaceuticals. This model saves a substantial amount of money and space by stacking 45 pallets high and being low in cost. This design, made from black PE/PP plastics, is accessible from all four directions. It has a ventilated top deck and a 9-block bottom deck. The dimensions of the pallet consistently read 48” x 48” x 5.5” and it weighs exactly 27.5 lbs. This nestable design will hold a dynamic capacity of 3,300 lbs and a static capacity of 8,800 lbs. For being a disposable pallet, you are still able to enjoy a durable model that will not grow bacteria, or absorb water, acids, fats, solvents, or odors. The EXP 448 is also exempt from shipping regulations such as ISPM 15 and ISPM-A5.

Special Features