aluminum pallet

PHS Aluminum 4460

Part Number: 5104460

PHS Aluminum 4460

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44 x 60 x 6 in


4-Way Entry



Dynamic Capacity

6000 lbs

Static Capacity

30000 lbs

Supported Racking Capacity

6000 lbs

Edge Racking Capacity

3500 lbs

Product Description

This Pallet is Perfect for These Industries:

The PHS ALUM 4460 is a sturdy and versatile pallet that will hold your business’s heftiest products. The dimensions of this larger pallet read 44” x 60” x 6” with potential to hold a 6,000 lb dynamic capacity and a 30,000 lb static capacity. The ALUM 446 is also able to hold a 6,000 lb supported racking capacity and a 3,500 lb edge racking capacity. Enjoy some additional features of this one-piece pallet including 4-way entry access for ease of loading and unloading, along with some convenience factors such as FDA/USDA approval and a fire retardant design. This pallet can be washed and reused as many times as desired for the most hygienic transport.

Special Features